In Case You Missed It: GOP Admits Endorsement "Not Necessarily Helpful"

 In Case You Missed It: GOP Admits Endorsement "Not Necessarily Helpful"

Chairman of National Republican Senatorial Committee: Voters "want to be listened to, not lectured to"

A national Republican Party leader admits that having a formal Republican Party endorsement is not beneficial for many GOP candidates facing contested primaries across the country. 

Speaking to reporters Thursday, Sen. John Cornyn, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said voters in this political climate don’t want a choice forced upon them. 

"I think more than any time I've seen in the recent past, instead of a Contract for America, voters want a Contract from America. In other words, they want to be listened to, not lectured to, and not to have their choices made for them," Cornyn said. 

The article continued: "Cornyn's acknowledgement that the NRSC's backing or perceived backing of several candidates across the country is notable considering how many face strong challenges. Another example is Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson (R), who is trailing Rand Paul (R) in most polls . . . 

"We've got strong candidates running in contested primaries and I think that it would be a mistake at this point for me or anybody that works in Washington, DC, to sort of try to anoint anybody. So I'm gonna leave that where it should be left and that is up to the voters in the state of Kentucky," he said. 

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