Press Release: Neumann to Harley: "Please Wait"

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Neumann to Harley: "I want to tell him - please wait"

Neumann: Help is on the way to change Wisconsin's economic climate

WAUKESHA, Wis. - April 29, 2010 - Candidate for Governor Mark Neumann reacted quickly to the news that Harley-Davidson is analyzing whether it can continue to keep manufacturing operations in Wisconsin. Almost 1,700 jobs, including more than 1,300 in metro Milwaukee, are at stake.

Neumann has reached out to Harley CEO Keith Wandell, calling him to seek a face-to-face meeting to make the case that help is on the way.

"This would be a devastating blow to thousands of Wisconsin families, our economy, and also to our image as the state that Harley-Davidson calls home," Neumann said. "There is no stronger reason for a real change in the Governor's office. Wisconsin must get away from the high taxes, excessive regulation and other factors that are actively pushing businesses like Harley out of our state.

"I want to reassure Harley and ask that they please wait on making a decision - because as Governor, my highest priority will be keeping good paying jobs like those at Harley right here in Wisconsin, and creating new jobs across the state," Neumann added.

Neumann has proposed a detailed jobs and budget blueprint for Wisconsin that includes honestly balancing the state budget, reducing wasteful government spending, and cutting taxes accordingly. Together, this will spur sustained growth. Neumann's conservative record in Congress in the 1990s illustrates his commitment to reforming the reforming government budget processes and spurring job growth.

"Now more than ever, Wisconsin needs a fiscally conservative Governor with decades ofprivate sector experience and a real-world record of creating jobs," Neumann said. "That is the record I will bring to the Governor's office, with a goal of rebuilding our state economy into the envy of the nation."


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