Thankfully, the Legislature is No Longer in Session!

Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor Thankfully, the Democratic-controlled legislative session for 2010 is over but the damage has been done.  Let's take a quick look at what they did TO Wisconsin taxpayers.

Democrats made sure Governor Doyle's "stimulus" package for the country of Spain remained intact.  Thanks to the them, Wisconsin taxpayers will be paying $47.5 million dollars for a train that the Spanish company, Talgo, is building for Wisconsin commuters through a "no-bid" contract.  If you're like me, this should anger you.  This Legislature's irresponsibility has caused Wisconsin taxpayers to help Europeans with their unemployment problem in the same way President Obama did when he spent 80% of the $2 billion dollar wind power "stimulus" with foreign companies.

This legislature raised taxes by over $3.5 billion dollars, borrowed over $3 billion new dollars, and left unemployment at over 9%.  Wouldn't you think they'd stick around long enough to fix the mess?  I honestly believe the Democrats do not see deficit-spending as a problem.  Could you borrow and spend your way to financial security?  Absolutely not, and we can't do it as a city, county, state, or country either!  What bothers me even more is the Democrats didn't even touch the most important issue facing them this session:  Jobs!

Now that they're back home spending the rest of the year campaigning, they can't do any more damage.  The next governor will need to repair the harm caused by this legislature and I'm asking you to let me help.  Just like you, I cannot believe this legislature thought tax increases, borrowing billions, and overspending would fix the problem.  Not only has this failed, it's made the situation worse. 

These are the same problems I inherited when I was elected Mayor of Superior.  I not only have the experience to face problems like these, I am the only Lieutenant Governor candidate to have actually solved them.  As mayor of Superior, my administration has decreased the size of government, contained taxes, paid down debt, and promoted a business-friendly environment that has truly created jobs.

I'm running for Lieutenant Governor because I'm sick of seeing our taxpayers' money being wasted and even used against them.  I'd be grateful if you'd stop by my website at and learn more about where I stand on the issues.  Furthermore, I'd be humbled if you'd make a donation and together we can help put Wisconsin back to work

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Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

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