Westlake for U.S. Senate: Taking the Harder Right Over the Easier Wrong


On The Road with Dave: Based on Taking the Harder Right Over the Easier Wrong...

“...that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom--and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

--Abraham Lincoln (excerpt from the Gettysburg Address

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"Phase I" Set the Stage...

For the last twelve months our campaign has visited nearly every county in this state, piled up over 50,000 miles on my 10-year old SUV, and met face-to-face with well over 10,000 Wisconsinites.  We focused exclusively on taking the "harder right over the easier wrong" and having you tell me your story...and that focus has paid off.

We have hundreds of letters and emails from people across the state with stories about how life--in one way, shape, or form--is more difficult now than it was when Sen. Feingold went to Washington 18 years ago...and they don't want to send him back for 24.  I've laughed with you, I've cried with you, I've hugged and "high-fived" you...and along the way, you've come to understand that I'm a heck of a lot more like you than a career politician or "traditional" candidate is.  You know that I'm a leader made of character and integrity.  You know that I don't have any hidden agendas.  You know that I am absolutely certain as to why I'm in this race: to SERVE the people of Wisconsin...and not a special interest or some other Senator's pet project (and if you haven't signed the "Accountability Shirt" yet--that's my written contract with you guaranteeing this--let me know so you can!).  

That was "Phase I" it's time to REALLY get to work...

"Phase II" Brings Down the House...

Besides the personal concerns you shared with us over the last year, we've also discovered that many of you share "cause" concerns as well.  Veterans, home schoolers, Right-to-Life advocates, outdoor sportsmen, small business owners...the list goes on and also need someone to strongly stand up for you--to fight for you--because you don't currently have a voice in government.  Friends, these causes are fundamental components of American Exceptionalism and MUST be fought for!  

And in order to be your conduit into your government, I need money for the fight. 

So "Phase II" is about building on the momentum we started over the last 12 months, raising funds, and creating mobilized coalitions with your causes.  Do you have a passion for a cause?  Let us know and help us fight for it by contributing.  Are you a part of group that needs a voice?  Tell us about it and help me stand up for you by sending a check.  

The first phase of getting out and hearing what's important to you has worked GREAT...and from here on out it's only going to get better.  Join us!  Help us! Take back your country...because together, we can make this the dawn of a new morning in America once again!

I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to seeing you on the road…

Accountability Starts Today.


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