Press Release: Mason & Turner vote to table expulsion of a five-time OWI recipient

For Immediate Release     April 21, 2010                                                                                      

Contact: Chairman Bill Folk

Mason & Turner vote to table expulsion of a five-time OWI recipient

They opt instead to issue a stern note to Rep. Wood.

The Racine County Republican Party was shocked to hear that five-time drunk driver and currently sitting State Representative Jeff Wood (I - Chippewa Falls) was not expelled by the State Assembly last night.  In a move that was both stunning and telling the bill that would have removed Rep. Wood from the legislature was tabled by assembly democrats including Racine's very own Cory Mason and Robert Turner and only a censure was issued.

"Censure is the equivalent to sending a note home with a grade-schooler," stated Racine County Republican Chairman Bill Folk.  "I simply cannot believe that any representative from Racine would want to keep someone who is both dangerous to the community and irresponsible in his actions in the state legislature."

In fact, all but four democrats voted in favor of tabling the expulsion including Racine democrats Mason and Turner (49-48).  Expulsion would have removed Rep Wood from his seat entirely.  The censure passed on a vote of 73-24.

"I believe that this was politics in action. Democrats currently need every vote that they can find and representatives like Cory Mason traded away their care for the people that drive the roads between Madison and Chippewa Falls for Rep. Wood's vote," stated Chairman Folk. "I'm appalled at this blatant catering to a criminal and wonder why MADD, SADD, and the rest of these advocacy groups have been silent on this issue."

Rep. Wood's district is 189 miles from Madison and like most legislators travels to and from his home district on a regular basis.