Robin Vos Eupdate: ACORN-Style Elections Coming to Wisconsin ~ April 16, 2010

ACORN-Style Elections Coming to Wisconsin

There is a very high probability that, unless it is stopped, a bill will be signed into law next week that will be detrimental to the integrity of our election system here in Wisconsin .  The bill, being touted as "election reform" is anything but and will make it much easier for election fraud to occur in Wisconsin .

Also known as "motor voter" legislation, this bill will require that the Department of Transportation and possibly other government programs/agencies such as welfare and universities to hand over all of their driver records to the Government Accountability Board.  All drivers in Wisconsin will be added to the voter rolls, whether they are registered to vote or not.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that flooding the voter rolls with 1000s of new people who may not ever intend to vote will only provide more opportunities for cheaters to vote under false names.

Wisconsin already has same day registration and we don't even require a photo ID to prove your identity. While supporters of this bill say they're just trying to make it easier to vote, I can't imagine how much easier we really need to make it. Flooding the voter rolls makes it more difficult for clerks and doesn't compel a single non-voter to vote, it only encourages more fraud.

Further, it registers people who may not be eligible to vote. For instance, legal immigrants may be eligible for a driver's license, yet not eligible to vote. Placing them on the voter roll makes it much easier for the legal immigrant to unlawfully vote if they so choose. During the budget, Governor Doyle attempted to provide drivers licenses to illegal residents. Thankfully it was stopped, but I really wonder if it was proposed with an ulterior motive in mind.

Next, the bill allows for multiple absentee collection sites in a municipality. Further, voters who cast their ballot at the clerk's office before the election will no longer be required to be sign theabsentee ballot, nor will they need a witness. 

In a letter to legislative leaders, written by Attorney General Van Hollen this week, he outlined many problematic pieces of the proposal that will make fraud easier. But the attorney general raised considerable concerns with regard to absentee ballots. Van Hollen says that multiple absentee sites will cause haphazard administration.  He also says that a signature is the most important piece of evidence in proving the elector engaged in identity theft at the ballot box.  Van Hollen claims without a signature, you have no "fail-safe mechanism to prevent all unlawful registration and voting".

This election fraud bill also clamps down on who can challenge an elector in the case that they think they may not be eligible to vote. Many people volunteer to be poll watchers on election day, and if one does, they are able to do so in any polling place in the state. This bill says that you would not be able to challenge an elector if you were not from that particular county.

For instance, if you decide that you would like to be a poll watcher in downtown Milwaukee this November and you witness a voter you think might not be eligible to vote, you would no longer be allowed to challenge that voter.

What's worse, this proposal dramatically increases penalties for citizens taking part in democracy by doing their share to prevent fraud due to the criminalization of voter intimidation, suppression and deceptive election statute changes. Independent election observers, or even a voter who questions someone's ability to cast a ballot at the polling place could now be subject to fines up to$100,000, 5 years in jail, or both.  The ironic thing is that under this "reform" bill, trying to prevent fraud could actually end up giving out higher penalties for trying to prevent fraud than actually committing fraud. 

Perhaps the worst part of the election fraud bill allows for nationally focused nonprofit organizations (Read: Acorn) to obtain the lists from the Government Accountability Board. This will certainly allow nefarious groups such as Acorn and others like it to use the lists to their advantage during election-time in Wisconsin . I don't want to see that happen.

There's no question that the only reason this bill is being rushed through is to keep the opposition from the public to a dull roar.  Within mere weeks it has been introduced, heard in two committees, and will now likely be passed quietly next week at the end of session - unless enough people make their voices heard.

I urge you to contact other Racine County representatives who support this measure such asCory MasonBob Turner, and John Lehman and beg them to change their minds on a bill, the only purpose of which, is to allow our elections to be stolen from us. Voting is a privilege in this country and enforcing a high standard with regard to the rules is the only way to maintain integrity.