Governor Thompson Made His Announcement

On Thursday, former Governor Tommy Thompson announced that he will not enter the race for the United States Senate.  I have appreciated Governor Thompson's generous advice and counsel over the last few months and his announcement today gives the voters a real opportunity to unite behind my campaign to restore common sense and fiscal sanity to Washington.

With the architect of Jim Doyle's toxic business climate threatening to enter the race for Senate as a "Republican," it is critical that we unite behind a true conservative who won't tolerate the status quo in Washington, DC.  My platform of cutting wasteful spending, using the free market to truly reform health care and demanding that the politicians actually follow the constitution is sorely needed in Washington.

The contrast couldn't be clearer:

  • I will cut taxes to spur job creation; Russ Feingold thinks the government creates jobs and raised taxes to pay for it.
  • I will cut wasteful spending; Russ Feingold voted for trillions in new "stimulus spending" that didn't stimulate and health care reform that didn't reform.
  • I will use the free market to lower health care costs; Russ Feingold wants to have government bureaucrats make your health care decisions.
  • I'm a businessman, not a politician; Russ Feingold has been living off the taxpayers since 1982.

And now that Jim Doyle's Commerce Secretary, Dick Leinenkugel, is readying his campaign for Senate – as a Republican, no less – true conservatives must be even more vigilante.  We can't allow Jim Doyle to hijack our primary. Please consider joining our campaign today. 

Your generous contribution of $10, $20, $50, $100 or more will help us take our message to the voters and hold Russ Feingold accountable.  With your help, we can take back our government in November.

Let's Get Working!


Terrence Wall

Paid for by Terrence Wall for U.S. Senate, Inc. Eric McLeod, Treasurer, Copyright 2010