Fire Russ Feingold


If you’ve seen any coverage of the today’s T.E.A. Party in Madison, you’ve probably seen the signs calling on Wisconsin voters to Fire Russ Feingold! At today’s T.E.A. Party, which drew thousands from across the state, former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson announced he will be joining our movement and supporting the efforts of a new generation of candidates attempting to bring real leadership to Washington, stop the Democrats’ spending frenzy, and elect a leader who will get things done for Wisconsin.

Visit to contribute to the efforts to Fire Russ Feingold!

The Democrats know Feingold is in trouble, so they’ll say almost anything to attack potential threats. That’s why your support is critical to helping get out our message of fiscal discipline and government restraint.

We can take back Washington this fall, and it starts with your contribution to Fire Russ Feingold!

Still wondering if we’ve got a shot at taking out a Democrat Washington-insider who hasn’t gotten results for Wisconsin in 18 long years?

Check out the enthusiasm of the next generation of Republican leaders who want to help Fire Russ Feingold!

Democrats know we’ve got momentum on our side and their attack dogs are out in full force to try to defuse potential threatsYour contribution is needed today to ensure we are able to Fire Russ Feingold in November in order to Take Our Country Back from the dangerous tax and spending policies of liberals in Washington!

As these young Republicans know, it’s time for a change of direction in Washington to get better results for Wisconsin.

Join the efforts today: Fire Russ Feingold!

Thank you for your support!



Reince Priebus

Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin

P.S. Act now to Fire Russ Feingold! Your contribution will go a long way towards returning fiscal sanity to Washington and bringing economic prosperity and a better future forWisconsin.  

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Contributions from corporations, labor unions, federal contractors and foreign nationals  without permanent residency status are prohibited.

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