Wisconsin Tax Freedom Day

Wisconsin Taxpayers-

            Today we celebrate Tax Freedom Day in Wisconsin. This is the day in which the Tax Foundation has calculated when the citizens of Wisconsin have earned enough to pay their state and federal tax bill.You have worked for 102 days just to pay your taxes to the government.

            And what do politicians in Madison do with your money? They recklessly waste your hard earned dollars. While our Sheriffs and District Attorneys are struggling and we are letting felons out of prison, politicians in Madison are wasting your tax dollars on empty trains from Spain, windmills, soybean crushers and an opera house in Oshkosh. This pork barrel spending, along with a budget that raised taxes and fees, is hampering our ability to create economic growth and new jobs. We cannot continue down this path of politics as usual.

            While we celebrate the marking of our symbolic freedom from this oppressive taxation, it's time we elect someone not beholden to Madison- but someone committed to you- to be your next Lt. Governor and jobs ambassador. I will lead there as I have done on the battlefield and in the board room. 

            Please join me in my fight to end politics as usual by visiting my website 



Collins, a decorated combat officer who completed three tours in Afghanistan , earned his Green Beret when he became a Special Forces Officer. He took command of a Special Forces Detachment and served as the Assistant Operations Officer managing all the daily combat operations and contingency planning for over 150 Special Forces Soldiers. 

            His valor and leadership in combat earned him the Army Commendation Medal with "V" device for Valor. 

            Ben's retirement from active duty did not stop him from trying to improve the conditions of American soldiers. He is a co-founder of defense technology and software pioneer, Aptus Technologies, Inc. Based in Lake Geneva, WI, the company's mission is to translate lessons learned in combat quickly into new and improved technological solutions that will protect the lives of American soldiers.

Paid for by Friends of Ben Collins, Jamie Forbeck Collins, Treasurer