Press Release: Wisconsin Prescription for Healthcare Reform

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Friday, March 30, 2010

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20,000+ in Wisconsin sign online petition against ObamaCare

New campaign radio ad on healthcare starts airing this week

WAUKESHA, Wis. - March 30, 2010 - Today at a news conference in downtown Green Bay, candidate for Governor Mark Neumann unveiled a 10-point ‘Wisconsin Prescription for Healthcare Reform’ as an alternative to the massive federal takeover signed by the President last week. The full plan can be found below.

“The problem can be solved and it is possible for Wisconsin to build a model system, demonstrating real solutions,” Neumann noted. “Working to enact the Wisconsin Prescription for Healthcare Reform can reduce costs, encourage competition, increase coverage, improve access, and give Wisconsin an advantage in attracting jobs.

“President Obama’s plan is a government takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy,” Neumann added. “It will raise taxes, increase spending by nearly a trillion dollars, and harm the economy.”

Neumann said that as Governor, if the recently passed health care bill is still in place when he takes office in January 2011, he will officially request a waiver from the provisions of the bill within his first 60 days.

Neumann continued, “President Obama’s healthcare proposal was developed in secret without public input. This plan will be posted online for everyone to review, and mailed to healthcare experts and doctors to solicit their opinions. We are going to ask our 43,000-plus Facebook fans for their input on this important issue.

“There is no question the healthcare system is a mess that needs immediate attention, but the government’s misguided ‘one size fits all’ approach is definitely not what the doctor ordered,” Neumann concluded. 

The federal takeover is also at the center of a new radio ad from the Neumann campaign, which begins airing across Wisconsin this week.


As Governor, Mark Neumann will advocate for the following to be addressed at the state level:

  1. Tort Reform: Cap the maximum settlement on non-economic damages in cases of unintentional medical malpractice.
  2. 110% Wisconsin Tax Deduction: Allow individuals and businesses to deduct 110% of the cost of health insurance from their Wisconsin tax liabilities. This would specifically include payroll deductions for health insurance premiums.
  3. Encourage HSA Participation: Make all payments to Health Savings Accounts fully tax deductible and work to eliminate new federal provisions which decrease current levels of participation in the plans, reduce what qualifies as ‘expenses,’ and increase penalties for non-qualified distributions.
  4. Interstate Competition: Permit competition from insurance companies located across state lines.
  5. Less Government: Thoroughly review state and federal mandates on health care providers with an eye on enhancing competition, reducing costs and paperwork, and increasing quality.
  6. Preventive Medicine: Encourage insurance plans to support preventive medicine, including annual ‘wellness visits.’ Heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes could be screened in this coverage. However, this will not be a mandate.
  7. Reducing Required Insurance Provisions: Federal and state mandates currently require a number of added components to health insurance plans. These requirements may be eliminated, allowing insurers and consumers to acquire specific plans of their choosing, potentially with a large deductible and coverage limited to only catastrophic health events.
  8. HSA in Government Plans: State employees' healthcare plans shall implement an optional HSA program to encourage more patient participation in cost control and to reduce overall costs.
  9. Elected Officials, State Employee Plans Made Accessible: Any Wisconsin resident or business shall be allowed to participate in the health insurance plans provided to state elected officials and/or state employees by paying market price for the insurance. This is specifically intended to provide access to Wisconsin residents and businesses that would otherwise have trouble acquiring coverage, those with pre-existing conditions and/or are between jobs. Also, having more people in the state insurance pool will help lower costs.
  10. Jobs: The single most important step in providing increased healthcare coverage is to bring additional job opportunities to Wisconsin which pay a reasonable wage and provide health insurance to the employees.


SCRIPT: Mark Neumann for Governor Radio Ad – ‘Healthcare Petition’

NARRATOR: And now, Mark Neumann – conservative candidate for Wisconsin Governor.

MARK: Hi folks, I’m Mark Neumann. Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama just forced a healthcare plan on Wisconsin that expands government and drives America nearly another trillion dollars into debt. Their big spending plan will raise taxes and kill our economy.

It’s not enough for us conservatives to say we’re against the Obama/Pelosi plan – we have to take action.

We’re petitioning Governor Jim Doyle to join the other states who are challenging the constitutionality of the Obama/Pelosi healthcare plan. We can fight this new threat before it bankrupts our economy if we fight together. Please support Wisconsin by signing our petitions at And while you’re there, learn about our plans based on conservative solutions that will bring jobs to Wisconsin, lower taxes, give families more healthcare options, and reduce healthcare costs.

Join us at

NARRATOR: That was Mark Neumann, the conservative choice for Governor.

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