Dave Ross Wins Two Congressional District Straw Polls

Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

Ross Wins Two More Straw Polls!

Saturday, March 27th, was yet another big day for the Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor campaign.  Dave finished first in the Third Congressional District Republican Party straw poll and backed it up with another first place finish in the Fourth Congressional District Republican (Milwaukee) straw poll.

Mayor of Superior and candidate for lieutenant governor, Dave Ross, continues to exhibit his strong statewide grassroots support with a resounding victory in theThird Congressional District GOP straw poll held in Eau Claire. Dave Ross received 62% of the vote on Saturday for lieutenant governor.  The second highest vote was only 18%. The Third Congressional District encompasses 19 counties along the western border of Wisconsin.

Dave Ross also won the Fourth Congressional District Republican Straw poll on Saturday in Milwaukee.  "Winning two congressional district straw polls on opposite sides of the state, on the same day, is another demonstration of Dave's widespread support", said Craig Rosand, campaign chairman.  From our largest city on a great lake to our small towns and rural communities along a mighty river, Dave Ross appeals to a wide range of fiscal conservatives that want to put Wisconsin back to work.

Mayor Ross said, "This election will be decided upon a record of accomplishments based on promoting job growth and limiting government spending and taxation."  According to Ross, the role of the lieutenant governor is "to take away the roadblocks to private investment, and assist our next Governor in creating a plan to rebuild Wisconsin's economy for the next generation."

Over 65 party leaders have endorsed Dave Ross for lieutenant governor, including nearly half of all county chairs and numerous former chairs and vice chairs. "In a crowded race for the lieutenant governor position this reflects significant grassroots support" said Craig Rosand, campaign chairman.

For more than 20 years Dave Ross owned and operated a small upholstery business.  In 2003, he decided to run for Mayor of Superior because local government spending and taxation was out of control.  He could no longer ignore government waste and inefficiencies. 

The Ross Administration in Superior has contained taxes, reduced the city's debt, raised Superior's credit rating, and invested in economic development to create jobs. 

Superior has historically voted for Democrats at all levels of government (President Obama received over 65% of the vote in 2008).  Dave Ross was elected with 58% of the vote as a fiscal conservative in his first run for Mayor in 2003 and was re-elected in 2007 with 62% of the vote as a card-carrying Republican.  Conservative Democrats and Independents recognize that government cannot spend beyond the taxpayer's ability to pay.

Superior now has a pro-business attitude that has been instrumental in the creation of many new businesses in the past few years.  Superior has the second fastest economic growth rate in Wisconsin.  Economic growth means jobs!  That is why Superior has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state of Wisconsin.

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Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

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