Lower Taxes, Higher Expectations

Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

 Lower Taxes & Higher Expectations

In less than a year, the Doyle administration will be out of work and out of office. The devastating legacy this administration and legislature will leave will be felt for many years to come.

Governor Doyle's tax increases, which supporters said would save the budget crisis, has only left us deeper in debt.  Unemployment has worsened in all of Wisconsin's 72 counties. 

In Wisconsin we can do better. As Mayor of Superior, I have taken the road less traveled. We have reduced the size of government. We reduced our debt by over 10%. We have cut the red tape, kept taxes low and removed the hostile environment most businesses face in the rest of Wisconsin. 

The result has been the second highest economic growth rate in the state of Wisconsin. Our credit rating has been upgraded twice in the last year and our unemployment rate is one of the lowest.

For over 20 years, I was a self-employed small businessman. Career politicians have ruled Madison for too long. We need to elect conservatives who have done what they have promised.

The September primary is less than 5 months away. I am the only candidate for Lieutenant Governor who has reduced spending.  I am the only candidate for lieutenant governor that has reduced the size of government. I am the only candidate for lieutenant governor that has reduced debt while in elected office. I am the only candidate who has achieved economic development that has resulted in job growth.  I am the only candidate that has a record of Proven, Dependable Leadership.

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Dave Ross - Proven Dependable Leadership


Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

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