Feingold Did It Again

Russ Feingold thought ObamaCare was good enough to force on Wisconsin, but he doesn't think it's good enough for his own health care. That's why he voted to exempt himself and other senators from its provisions in a late night vote on Wednesday. Republicans offered two amendments which would have included Russ and other senators under the same mandates of his trillion-dollar government health care takeover.

Russ voted NO. And he didn't stop there. Russ cast other bad votes too:

  • AGAINST removing the massive tax hikes contained in the health care bill,
  • AGAINST a prohibition on giving taxpayer-funded Viagra to sex offenders, and 
  • AGAINST removing the backroom deals used to buy the votes of his colleagues.

Back home, Russ tells a different story. In fact, he assured a crowd of people in Mercer he'd LOVE to sign up for ObamaCare if he could.

"One audience member pointed to the generous health benefits lawmakers enjoy and wondered if Feingold would pledge to take the same health insurance that Congress will make the rest of us take.

"I will support a law that brings us under it," he said. "If I am eligible, I will join it. If I can be a part of the system, I will be." - The Lakeland Times, August 25, 2009

When Russ got back to Washington, he DID have a chance to sign up for the same plan he forced on Wisconsin - TWICE. And both times, he voted no.

Senate Amendment 3586 to H.R. 4872 (Feingold NAY) - To enroll Members of Congress in the Medicaid program.

Senate Amendment 3564 to H.R. 4872 (Feingold NAY) - To make sure the President, Cabinet Members, all White House staff and Congressional Committee and Leadership staff are purchasing health insurance through the health insurance exchanges established by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Terrence Wall will be a Senator of which we can all be proud. He won't say one thing in Wisconsin and vote another way in Washington. Terrence will vote with the people of Wisconsin and Repeal, Refund and Replace Russ Feingold's trillion-dollar health care takeover.

Let's Get Working!

Ryan Murray  Campaign Manager

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