Scott Walker Statement on Announcement by Attorney General JB Van Hollen


March 25, 2010

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Scott Walker Statement on Announcement by  Attorney General JB Van Hollen

Wauwatosa – Scott Walker, Milwaukee County executive and candidate for governor, issued the following statement after the announcement by Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen that he is requesting the authority of Governor Doyle and the Legislature to sue the federal government over Wisconsin’s right to opt out of Washington mandated health care. 

“I applaud the Attorney General’s decision today. Washington bureaucrats are the absolute worst people to pick our doctors and prescribe changes to our families’ health care plans, and I commend Attorney General Van Hollen for standing up for Wisconsin’s right to say no to this massively flawed piece of legislation.  Bigger government does not equal better government, and as governor, I will work with Attorney General Van Hollen to put the brakes on this and other orders from Washington that spend money we don’t have and take away our individual rights.  I call on Governor Doyle and the Legislature to join us in standing up for the people of Wisconsin.”

“Earlier this week, I recommended that the Attorney General pursue legal action to protect Wisconsin families from the federal mandates.  I will support and sign legislation outlining Wisconsin's intent to opt out if possible, support candidates for federal office who will vote to repeal this federal mandate, and review all other legal options to put the brakes on this legislation."


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