You Can Still Stop ObamaCare

Russ Feingold, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have used every trick in the book to pass their unpopular government-run health care takeover and Sunday night they moved one step closer.

In a late night vote on Sunday, the U.S. House of Representativespassed ObamaCare on a strict party-line vote.  After weeks of arm-twisting and threats of political retribution, the Democrats could still only muster the thinnest of margins.  In fact, the only thing bipartisan about the vote was the opposition, which saw 34 Democrats join all of the Republicans in opposing this dangerous bill.

But this fight is not over.  The Senate must now take up the changes made by the House and a process called reconciliation.  This process, which rejects two centuries of Senate precedence, would allow the Democrats to ram the bill through over the objections of the American People.

In fact, Russ Feingold used to be against reconciliation, before flip-flopping at the request of his party leaders.  So much for principle.  So much for independent thinking.

You can still help stop this government takeover.  Sign our health care petition today to let Russ Feingold know where Wisconsin stands on this issue.  I will forward all signers to Russ Feingold to make sure he knows that Wisconsin doesn't want this bill.

Let's Get Working!

Terrence Wall

P.S.  You can help support my pledge to repeal ObamaCare as your next US Senator by making a contribution of $10, $20, $50 or $100 today.  Our first round of TV ads were very successful and have put us within striking distance.  Help put us over the top.

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