Stabbing Wisconsin Companies in the Back

Stabbing Wisconsin Companies in the Back

Yesterday, I joined Super Steel Chairman Fred Luber in denouncing the rigged deals offered by Mayor Tom Barrett and Governor Jim Doyle to foreign train-maker Talgo at the direct expense of Wisconsin's job providers.

By using taxpayer money to undercut private business, Tom Barrett and Jim Doyle stabbed Wisconsin companies in the back!

Last summer, Governor Doyle and the Democrats in the legislature chose to award a $47.5 million no-bidgovernment contract to Spanish train-maker Talgo to build taxpayer funded train-cars, rather than allowing Wisconsin manufacturers like an 80 year old Wisconsin company, Super Stee,l to compete fairly for the work.

Mayor Tom Barrett is now using millions of taxpayer dollars to redevelop the city’s Tower Automotive site and undercut Super Steel's bid to assemble the train cars at their Milwaukee facility! Will you help me stop government from competing with private business? 

The way to create jobs in Wisconsin is by helping our employers become more competitive, not by competing against them.

During my first term as governor, we will help the private sector bring 250,000 jobs to Wisconsin, but we wil do it by reducing the tax and regulatory burden to create jobs throughout our state NOT by spending taxpayer dollars we don't have to create special deals for foreign companies.

Please join me in telling Tom Barrett that we are sick of his partnership with Governor Doyle and sick of the Madison chronyism that has gone on for too long!

Sincerely, Scott Walker

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