Help Defeat Obama-Feingold Health Care Takeover

As President Obama and Nancy Pelosi continue to twist arms and break rules to pass their health care takeover scheme, it's time for the people of Wisconsin to stand up and make our voices heard. 

While too many Americans are looking for work, too many Democrats like Russ Feingold are looking for ways around the Constitution.

Even as I type, liberal special interests are making plans to ram ObamaCare through Congress using legislative tricks like "Reconciliation" and the "Slaughter Rule," which are designed to pass the bill without the Democrats having to take a vote.  These shady tactics reject two centuries of precedent and are considered unconstitutional by most experts - but that's not stopping Nancy Pelosi. 

Feingold has flip-flopped on Reconciliation.  He now says he supports this rejection of Senate rules when only a year ago he was against it.  And even the Liberal Washington Post has condemned the use of the Slaughter Rule.

You can help put a stop to this now by contacting wavering Democrats in Washington and telling them to say no.  Contact Senator Russ Feingold and tell him to condemn these tactics.  Tell Congressmen ObeyKagenKind,Baldwin and Moore to vote against this bill which will increase health care costs, lower quality of health care, run up massive debts and put the government between you and your doctor.

Even many of Russ Feingold's fellow Democrats are condemning these tactics, so why won't he?

You can send a message to Feingold that his history of saying one thing in Wisconsin and doing another in Washington won't be tolerated any longer.  By donating $10, $20, $50 or $100, you can help us put an end to the doublespeak and trickery.

There is still time to defeat ObamaCare and send a message that we can reform health care without a big government takeover, but it will take your help!

Let's Get Working!

Terrence Wall

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