Independent Analyst: Race for Governor is Wide Open

On March 12, the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (WPRI) released its latest poll on the Republican race for Governor. The results are a stunning reaffirmation of Mark Neumann’s campaign strategy.

Mark has all the momentum and the poll confirms it. That’s why the poll’s survey analyst said “the Republican race for Governor is an open contest.”

Here are the facts according to WPRI:

  • Mark Neumann now DEFEATS Walker outside Milwaukee. A reversal of the last WPRI poll in September. Where Mark advertises Mark wins.
  • Mark Neumann’s favorable name ID has increased by a whopping 50%. He is now 36% favorable against 16% unfavorable. Walker is 38% favorable against 16% unfavorable. Adead heat.
  • Among voters who primarily follow news through the television—where the campaign has been advertising—Walker’s lead is single digits at 8%.

What does this all mean? Phase I of the campaign is over and to quote WPRI “the Republican race for Governor is an open contest.

Perhaps the most important part of the survey is the fact that it was taken a week ago when the campaign was only advertising outside Milwaukee. We had only aired one commercial by then and were not halfway through the second. On Friday, we went up heavily in Milwaukee and continue to advertise outside Milwaukee.

The Neumann campaign will continue to build momentum. Why? Because we are now aggressively communicating our message of cutting wasteful spending, lowering taxes, and balancing the budget to create jobs in Wisconsin. It’s a message the appeals throughout Wisconsin and will attract voters in Milwaukee. And when voters hear Mark’s message they respond and vote for Mark.

That’s why Mark Neumann has more Facebook fans than any other Republican running for Governor anywhere in America!  38,000.

That’s why voters are so eager to meet Mark Neumann as he aggressively conducts the Main Street program. Over thirty stops in towns across Wisconsin has generated tremendous media coverage and given Mark the opportunity to talk to voters one-on-one.

And that’s what the survey says.

So join Mark and help take back Wisconsin. Sign up to endorsevolunteer, or donate financially.

Thank you,

Chip Englander Campaign Manager Mark Neumann for Governor

P.S. Here is the latest TV Advertisement that began airing statewide on Friday.

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