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Vos to Dems: Stop Ignoring Taxpayers’ Opposition to Transit Taxes

New Survey Confirms Southeast Residents Very Opposed to Transit Taxes and Fees

MadisonState Representative Robin Vos (R-Caledonia) pointed to a newly released survey today as more evidence that Wisconsin Democrats are ignoring the will of the people when it comes to instituting tax and fee increases to pay for highly controversial rail and transit projects. 

“This new survey proves what I’ve been hearing from my constituents for years: The majority of the people in the southeastern region aren’t willing to pay for commuter rail,” claimed Vos. “I hope these findings will once and for all exonerate them from having to do so.”

Conducted by the Public Policy Forum in partnership with the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and The Business Journal, the poll found that residents are “adamantly opposed to establishing a regional transit authority that would be funded through an increase in the sales tax,” according to a Business Journal reportThe same report stated that respondents “also are opposed, by a fairly wide margin, to increased user fees or sales taxes even if it leads to lower property taxes”.

“It’s easy to understand why the Democrats have been so reluctant to include binding referenda in each version of transit legislation they have written,” Vos said. “They’d rather have the shiny new train than pay attention to the will of the people.”

Vos believes the transit debate is similar to the healthcare debate occurring right now at the federal level. 

“People may initially show a willingness to support what might seem like a great idea until the details are exposed,” he said. “But voters aren’t stupid. They’ll figure it out no matter how hard the party in charge might try to ram it down their throats because they think they somehow know better.”

Vos continued: “The price for ignoring the voice of the taxpayers on this transit issue will be paid in the next election.  Democrats would be wise to mitigate the damage by giving up the campaign to force this unsustainable boondoggle on Wisconsin residents.”