Westlake for U.S. Senate: The Conditions of Constitutional Solutions


On The Road with Dave: The Three Conditions of Constitutional Solutions

“The Constitution does not grant rights; it recognizes them.”

--Jason Laumark

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The Necessary Components of All Solutions

With Congress debating government-run healthcare solutions in Washington this week, I’ve had dozens of people ask me where I stand on this debate. 

The legislation debated in Washington right now is un-Constitutional and I cannot support it.

That said, the real American tragedy playing out before us is that while career politicians debate un-Constitutional solutions, we all know Americans who really need health insurance but can’t afford it; we all know Americans with pre-existing conditions who need health insurance but can’t qualify for it.  No matter how much the administration tries to “sweeten” the deal for Republicans or bribe Democrats for their vote, they’re fundamentally missing what we really need…and that’s disappointing.

Taking "The Harder Right" Requires Courage, Integrity, and Leadership

Healthcare needs to be solved the same way we’re SUPPOSED to solve all issues that come before the federal government—with three very basic conditions: 

  1.     The solution MUST be Constitutional.
  2.     The solution MUST NOT increase government spending.
  3.     The solution MUST NOT increase the size of government.

Working within these constraints requires tough decisions, open discussion, and strong leadership.  That’s what makes the 2010 elections so critical…we can no longer be satisfied with candidates who put solutions on a website but are ambivalent on leadership.  Ultimately, it’s not the website that will solve our problems…it’s the leaders who are willing to roll up their sleeves, attack these issues head-on, and stand up to special interests and hidden agendas that will pull us through these times.  Make no mistake, the healthcare debate is an indicator of how our future will shape up: we’ll either cede to the whims of a government that ignores us or we’ll stand together—on principle—and usher in a new era of government accountability based on leadership.

Given our past and what’s at stake for the future, my money is on the latter…

I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to seeing you on the road…

Accountability Starts Today.



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