Grassroots E-Gazette - March 4, 2010

March 4, 2010

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Democrats go Nuclear on Health Care

Democrats like Senator Feingold and President Obama have clearly and publicly opposed the use of reconciliation, also known  as the "nuclear option" without equivocation.  Now, in a sudden attempt to use this legislative tactic to their advantage these Democrats are more than willing to put their liberal agenda ahead of the concerns of the American people.

Video Flashback:  Obama says health care shouldn’t be passed with 50 + 1 majority

Get the Facts:  Reconciliation traditionally not a partisan tactic


Paul Ryan v. the President

Congressman Ryan takes on the administration and Democrats for peddling falsehoods over the true costs of ObamaCare.  Despite Ryan taking the argument directly to the President and his allies, Washington Democrats have remained silent, undoubtedly because they know he is right.

Video: Paul Ryan Talks Health Care on Fox News Sunday

ICYMI:  Ryan on Hardball with Chris Matthews


Kagen Poised to Choose Washington over Wisconsin

Congressman Kagen, D-Appleton, has yet to take a position on the controversial process of using reconciliation to pass the Democrats’health care bill.  As long as Kagen is silent, he stands in defense of Washington instead of Northeast Wisconsin.

ICYMI: Kagen’s Colleagues Returned Rangel’s Money, Kagen Has Not


Sensenbrenner Receives “Taxpayers’ Friend Award”

“As a legislator, keeping taxes low for all Americans has been one of my top priorities,” Congressman Sensenbrenner said upon receiving the award from the NTU.  “I have always believed that Americans are best informed on how they should spend their tax dollars.”

Sensenbrenner Column: Congress Must Ask Tough Questions


Tom the Taxer Channels Doyle

Mayor Tom Barrett backs a pension fund takeover in Milwaukee he hopes will cover up for years of his bad budgeting.  The new plan gives more power to the mayor to hide his raid of pension reserve funds to balance his budget, a move taken from the playbook of his buddy Jim Doyle.


Young Voters Growing Cool to Dems

Republicans surge 14 points ahead in the generic ballot among voters 18-29, according to the latest Rasmussen poll.


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