Tax and Spend: Coming to an End!

Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

Tax and Spend: Coming to an End!


As you know, Wisconsin is at a crossroads.  For years, politicians in Madison have taxed, borrowed, and spent your tax dollars without restraint, leaving the state of Wisconsin in a financial mess. 
Wisconsin's debt has doubled under the Doyle Administration and the Democratic party's "big government" machine.  Even in booming economic years, the state government has failed in its fiscal responsibility.  You and I must live within our means and it's time we mandate that our government does the same. 
That's why Dave Ross is running for Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin.  Dave's record of Proven, Dependable, Leadership is just what Wisconsin needs to combat the tax and spend mentality running rampant in Madison!   As Mayor of Superior, Dave Ross has taken a path not often traveled in government at any level.  Dave has worked hard to minimize the city's debt, even during these hard economic times.  Dave's administration has successfully reduced the size of local government by over 10%, contained taxes, and improved the credit rating of the City, all while investing in economic development. 
The results have been outstanding!  
Superior now has a smaller and more efficient government along with the second fastest economic growth rate in the state of Wisconsin.  Economic growthmeans jobs!  As a result, the City of Superior now has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state.   What Scott Walker has accomplished in the southeast portion of Wisconsin, Dave Ross has achieved in the northwest; lower taxes, reduced debt, smaller and more efficient government.    Help elect a winning team in November and visit Dave Ross' web site for more information.  While you're there, he'd be grateful if you would make an online contribution. 

Dave Ross - Proven Dependable Leadership


Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

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