Press Release: Qualifications of Primary Opponent

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For Immediate Release Contact: Chris Lato
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 (608) 219-7231

WAUKESHA, Wis. - Feb. 24, 2010 - Gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann today questioned the qualifications of his primary election opponent, Scott Walker, to make claims regarding bringing jobs toWisconsin.

Walker and Democrat Tom Barrett hold the top political positions in the largest metropolitan area in Wisconsin. They are the leaders of Milwaukee and have been for six and eight years, respectively.

Recent studies found that Milwaukee is doing even worse than nearly anywhere else in the country. Milwaukee has lost more jobs on a percentage basis than any other major metropolitan area except Detroit. A second study shows similar results, with Milwaukee being the third worst in terms of job loss. A third study looks at small business climate in Milwaukee and finds it to be the 96th worst of the 100 areas in America that the study reviewed.

“The Milwaukee area was once the envy of the nation, but my opponent’s track record makes it borderline ridiculous that he would now claim to have a plan to bring jobs to Wisconsin.

“If Scott Walker had a plan to bring jobs to Wisconsin he should have implemented it in Milwaukee sometime during the last eight years. It is very telling that metro Milwaukee suffered far worse than virtually the rest of the nation in job losses and overall climate for small business development.

“It is more politics as usual from a career politician who has little real world experience outside his government office. Promise the world to get elected and try to hide from your record. The people of our great state will evaluate my opponents on their records. They must each be held accountable for their part in the Milwaukee area’s massive job losses.

“Six months ago, I released a detailed plan to balance the state budget, lower taxes and create a business climate that will encourage businesses to stay in Wisconsin and expand, and also to attract businesses with their jobs from all over the world.

“As Walker and Barrett stood by watching as the metro Milwaukee area bled jobs, I have been in the private sector creating jobs – even expanding my businesses last year at the same time metro Milwaukee was posting record job losses.

“Before my opponents make lofty promises without a shred of detail or any evidence that they are actually up to the task, they should first explain why metro Milwaukee has lost more jobs than virtually every other major area in the nation.”