Time Taxpayers Get Return on Lt Gov Investment

What happened to Amelia Earhart? How did the Great Pyramid get built? When will Brett Favre actually retire?

There are some mysteries that might never be solved, but I think it is time to finally give an answer to the age-old question of just what exactly does the lieutenant governor do?

Earlier today I kicked off my campaign to serve as your lieutenant governor with a pledge to transform the lieutenant governor’s office into the leading taxpayer watchdog in the state with the chief mission of routing out waste, fraud and abuse.

In fact, each year I am lieutenant governor I will propose an amount equal to at least 100 times the lieutenant governor’s office budget in wasteful government spending to eliminate.

The operations budget for the office of lieutenant governor is set at $390,800. That means I will propose nearly $40 million in specific government spending cuts in first year in office. And, I’ll do it each year I serve as lieutenant governor.

It’s time the taxpayers get a return on their investment for having a lieutenant governor.

If you agree with me that the lieutenant governor should serve as a taxpayer watchdog, please click here to make a donation to my campaign.

State government spends too much and, as a result, taxes too much. To get our economy back on track we need to lower the tax burden for families and businesses. And, that starts by eliminating wasteful government spending.

Please donate today and help me put the office of lieutenant governor to work for taxpayers.


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