Wisconsin falling behind our neighbors

Dear Friends,

The Wisconsin Taxpayers’ Alliance issued a release Monday detailing the loss of private business in Wisconsin. The news is alarming.

Wisconsin lost more employers between 2006 and 2009 on a percentage basis than all of our neighboring states; Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and even Michigan. In fact, all our neighboring states – with the exception of Michigan – posted increases in the number of private business during that time period. But Wisconsin lost 6,700 business…a decrease of 4.3 percent. 

The Democrats and career politicians have tried to make business folks a target, but without employers there are no jobs. These are the same people who voted for the Doyle budget that raised spending, taxes and fees to the tone of $5 billion and then wonder where all the jobs have gone. To date, Wisconsin has now lost roughly 163,000 jobs.

So, we thought we’d dial up the folks at the Wisconsin Department of Commerce to find out what they’re doing to stem the 8.7 percent unemployment rate in Wisconsin.

Click the video and see for yourself the commitment by Madison to create jobs in the Badger State.