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On The Road with Dave: The Duties of Your U.S. Senator

“In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problems; government IS the problem....”

--Pres. Ronald Reagan, first inaugural address, 1/20/1981

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 Getting Back to Basics

The chief concern of our Founding Fathers as they were setting up our republican form of government was that it would devolve into a too-big, too-powerful central body that usurped the power of the people and made decisions independent of the peoples’ will.

Clearly, these men knew what they were talking about…

To that end—and to prevent our nation from slipping back into that which they had just fought a revolutionary war to free themselves from—the Framers outlined the roles and responsibilities of our Congress in the Constitution.  The charter they passed on to the federal legislature is simple: keep us safe, keep the size of government in check (yes, they expected public servants to “police their own ranks”), and to ensure access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans.  

Oddly enough, the Founders did not envision the federal government cutting back-room deals or keeping legislation from the citizens or voting one way on a bill when public sentiment reflects something different.  The Founders’ intent has not changed—so why has the behavior of our Members of Congress?  Shouldn’t we expect better?  Shouldn’t we demand accountability?  Of course we should…and when it comes to our government, it’s about time we get back to basics.

Enjoy the video and I look forward to seeing you on the road…

Accountability Starts Today.


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