Let's Hold Russ Feingold Accountable

Today we're beginning the next phase of our campaign to hold Russ Feingold accountable for his votes in Washington, D.C.  For too long, Sen. Feingold has been voting one way in Washington and campaigning another way in Wisconsin.

That must end now.Fed Up

Beginning this afternoon, we are launching the first television ad of the campaign on statewide broadcast andcable television.  It's called, "Fed Up" and it features footage from Sen. Feingold's so-called listening sessions.

The ad clearly demonstrates what we've known for years: Feingold may hold listening sessions, but he isn't really listening to the people of Wisconsin.  If he was, he never would have voted for a health care bill on Christmas Eve, hoping you wouldn't notice his support for the Louisiana Purchase or theCornhusker Kickback – two backroom deals that benefit other states at the expense of Wisconsin.

Please consider donating $10 in 2010 to tell Feingold that you've had enough of trillion-dollar health care takeover schemes and stimulus boondoggles that haven't worked.

Also check out our ongoing series, Russ vs. Reality, where we continue to hold Sen. Feingold accountable for his double talk.  This week's edition compares Sen. Feingold's claims that the stimulus bill would create jobs with the reality that it hasn't.

And as always, you can follow all the latest news and updates from the trail on Facebook and Twitter.

Let's Get Working!

  Terrence Wall

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