Westlake Campaign: AP misleads voters on Westlake's tax history

2/5/2010  Contact: Lonna Morouney Campaign HQ Phone: 920-744-5921 

 (Watertown, WI)- Dave Westlake, candidate for U.S. Senate from Watertown, denounced the AP for misleading Wisconsin voters today by printing an article that states he did not pay taxes to the state of Wisconsin in 2002.  Westlake did not live in Wisconsin that year and, as such, did not owe any Wisconsin income taxes.  He did, however, pay state income taxes in his state of residence in 2002.

"I know that the public shares my frustration with irresponsible reporting like this.  It would have been very simple to do a little more fact-checking to find out that I didn't pay Wisconsin income taxes in 2002 because I did not live here that year.  As I talk with thousands of Wisconsinites each week when I'm out traveling the state, I personally commit to them that our campaign will not engage in antics like this, nor will we use these tactics against our opponents.  It's really unfortunate that this race has stooped to this level already--but I remain firmly committed to always taking the honorable course in this campaign, regardless of what is thrown at me."  Westlake states that he is proud to contribute his financial obligation to our state through paying his taxes and to suggest otherwise is nothing more than an attempt to personally besmirch him.  "Stories like this turn everyone off.  Is it any surprise when you print false political stories that no one wants to get involved in the political process?  Malicious stories like this make ALL of us suffer...not just candidates."

 Westlake continued "We're doing the right thing by running an open, honest, and responsible campaign...and when I'm elected, I'll lead with dignity, honor, and class--and in a way that will make irresponsible reporting and irresponsible politics universally frowned upon again.  In the mean time, the AP owes the public an apology and an article that clearly states the truth.  When citizens are trying to fulfill their civic duty and become informed voters, they expect honesty and integrity from the candidates and the press.  We're delivering on our end of the bargain and the people of Wisconsin have told me they appreciate that."

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