PRESS RELEASE - Wanggaard Raises More Money in District than Lehman - 02.02.10

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Wanggaard Raises More Money in District than Lehman

 [RACINE] – In his end-of-the-year campaign finance report submitted yesterday, Van Wanggaard reported raising more money in the 21st State Senate District than his opponent, incumbent Senator John Lehman.

Wanggaard raised $31,382 overall during the last reporting period, while Lehman, with a three year head start, raised $36,583.  More importantly, Wanggaard raised roughly $23,000 in the 21st Senate District, while his opponent only collected around $16,000 from those he represents in Madison.  Wanggaard also had more individual donors from the district than Lehman, a sign that his campaign’s grassroots operation is far outpacing the incumbent’s. 

Wanggaard touted the fact that 87% of his contributions came from Racine County, and 91% of his contributors donated $100 or less:

“I am humbled and encouraged that the hard-working men and women of Racine County are digging deep to donate to my campaign.  At a time when individuals, families, and small business owners are struggling to make ends meet, those who want to bring fiscal sanity back to state government are offering what they can to support my candidacy.

“I know how tight family budgets are right now, which is why with every contribution that comes my way, I am reminded of the fact that I am running to serve the people of Racine County, and not to serve the powerful special interests that so often control my opponent’s agenda.  Today’s news of our respective financial situations only renews my commitment to make this race about giving the people of the 21st State Senate District the representation they deserve in Madison.”

Senator Lehman played a direct role in shaping last year’s state budget which raised taxes on families and businesses by $5 billion, implemented the “felon early release program,” and jacked up property taxes and auto insurance rates to unprecedented levels.

Van Wanggaard currently serves as a Racine County Board Supervisor, and has been a leading voice on issues of taxation and public safety during his four terms on the board.


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