Walker Donations So Numerous, Government Filing System CRASHES Trying to Process Them

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Walker Donations So Numerous, Government Filing System CRASHES Trying to Process Them

Wauwatosa, Wis. – There were so many donations flowing into Scott Walker’s campaign for governor, that Government Accountability Boards’ (GAB) online system could not process them, Walker campaign staff said today.

“We ended up having to ‘unload’ our report because we brought the system to a grinding halt with the sheer volume of our donations, and other people had trouble filing their reports. The system just couldn’t process how large our donor listing was,” said Walker campaign manager Keith Gilkes.

The campaign reported over $2 million dollars cash on hand, with $1.79 million raised since the last reporting period.  Included in the report are also 18,580 donors from all seventy-two counties in Wisconsin.  Seventy-four percent of all donations were $50 or less, and $265,773 was raised online. 

“The overwhelming number of Wisconsin families supporting Scott Walker is a clear signal the people are ready to take back their government,” said Gilkes.  “Our campaign isn’t about special interest money and million dollar donations – our campaign about everyday Wisconsin families scared about their jobs and family budgets who are flocking to Scott Walker’s message of low taxes, less government and more freedoms.” 

Walker’s impressive finance numbers come on the heels of a poll released Friday by Rasmussen Reports that shows Walker leading his Democratic opponent by ten points, 48% to 38%.

The Walker Campaign is working diligently with the GAB staff to ensure that the finance report is filed and loaded properly by Monday’s deadline

Scott Walker serves as Milwaukee County executive.  He was elected eight years ago when he joined with every day families in taking back their government after a pension scandal rocked the community, costing taxpayers millions.  After being elected on a promise clean up county government and spend taxpayer money as if it were his own, Scott and his wife Tonette have given over $370,000 of Scott’s personal salary back to the taxpayers.  Walker packs his own brown bag lunch every day to save money in his family budget, and has approached his county budget the same way, cutting out waste and doing more with less.  Over the past eight years, Walker has cut the county debt by 10%, cut the county workforce by 20% and introduced eight consecutive budgets without an increase to the property tax levy from the previous year.

Walker and his wife Tonette live in Wauwatosa with their two sons, Matt and Alex.

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