Westlake for U.S. Senate: Defining a New Standard

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On The Road with Dave: Defining a New Standard

“Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”

--George Washington

 Note: Going forward, our weekly campaign updates will primarily be through YouTube videos, and the written version of our blog will briefly summarize the video subject matter.

The Foundation for Real Solutions

Our “On the Road with Dave” video this week is the first in a new series of videos that we’ll be releasing over the next several weeks.  This series focuses on giving you a much more in-depth introduction to who I am, what drives our campaign, what you should expect from a U.S. Senator, and what my solutions are to today’s political issues.

In this “kick off” video, we note that it’s simple for a candidate—any candidate—to talk about or put up a number of “solutions” on a website…but the problems we’re facing today don’t stem from a lack of solutions.  They are the result of a lack of leadership.

So what is a voter to do?  Easy—get to know the candidates.  Understand why they’re in the race—are they counting on (and beholden to) big money?  Do they simply see an opportunity to advance their own political careers?  Or are they following a sense of duty based on honor and love of country?  Learn about what makes them who they are—because when things get down to their most basic elements, the candidates’ individual convictions are the only safeguards against “more of the same” and “politics as usual.”

There is too much riding on the outcome of the election this fall to “settle” on a candidate other than someone you know will truly represent and fight for you…someone who shares your same concerns and deals with the same day-to-day issues as you…someone who is more like you than a politician.  The upcoming video series is aimed at helping you get acquainted with me as an individual, understand our campaign’s focus and direction, and know why and how I’ll get things done in Washington.  

I look forward to seeing you on the road…

Accountability Starts Today.


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