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This past week has been a strong one, not only for the Mark Neumann for Governor Campaign, but for conservatives across the United States. The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts served as a wake-up call to the liberal's healthcare agenda and big government. Meanwhile, Mark has continued to stay busy with Main Street visits, the WI Biodiesel Association Winter Meeting, and aresponse (pdf) to Gov. Doyle’s State of the State.  Here is a review of the campaign’s week and the coverage we have been receiving.  If you would like to get more detailed updates, please sign up for the Volunteer Newsletter. (You can view thelatest volunteer newsletter here)

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Mark's wife, Sue began a blog in which she tells stories from the campaign trail. The latest blogincludes reflections from the 'Mark on Main Street' tour.

  • "High school classmates, such as Kim Koch and her husband, Darrell joined us for our visits to small businesses and shops on 'The Square' the same shops I went to as a young girl."
  • "The people we see on 'Main Street' don't realize the effect they've had on us."

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Read how visiting these Main Streets has made Sue Neumann realize that it truly is a wonderful life.


The 2010 winter meeting of the Wisconsin Biodiesel Association was held at Waukesha County Technical College on Jan. 21. The meeting featured a discussion of Wisconsin’s Green Energyvision with the three gubernatorial candidates - Scott Walker, Tom Barrett, and Mark Neumann. It was the first time that the three men, as candidates, have appeared at the same event.

  • Mark spoke about how his companies, with the aid of a hired biologist, have preserved green space in their developments and have improved the environmental quality in many cases.
  • Mark stressed how Green strategies need to be market-driven, and gave his energy-producing home as an example. He has built a home that produces all of its own energy, with enough left over to power an electric vehicle. The home is economically viable thanks to a technology-driven cost benefit analysis program used by his company.
  • Mark promised that, once elected Governor, his goal will be to makeWisconsin completely energy independent within one generation, using clean, renewable sources of energy.
  • Several media outlets covered the event.Here is a video from CBS 58 News.

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On Tuesday, Governor Jim Doyle gave his final State of the State. The speech only served to confirm what we already know to be true: Wisconsin’s economy is in desperate need of repair and electing another career politician as Governor is not the answer. Mark issued a response (pdf), highlighting these facts.

  • "There is no doubt that, as a career politician, Jim Doyle is painfully out of touch with the struggles being faced by working folks throughout Wisconsin."
  • "The simple fact is that career politicians in Madison and Milwaukee have failed to stop the bleeding of tens of thousands of jobs."
  • "It is time to unleash our full potential as a state. Together, we can build a Strong Wisconsin."

Read more (pdf) of Mark’s response to Governor Doyle’s State of the State.


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