Wanggaard Reacts to New Unemployment Figures

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January 28, 2010

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Wanggaard Reacts to New Unemployment Figures

 Urges his opponent to put politics aside and take corrective measures

Shortly after updated unemployment figures showed Racine County on the verge of double-digit unemployment, and the city of Racine holding steady at the second-highest unemployment rate in the state, state senate candidate Van Wanggaard issued the following statement:

 “It is unfortunate that the 21st State Senate District took a step backwards with regards to employment over the last month.  There is no issue of greater importance to the Racine area than job creation and retention.  While the effects of the economic downturn have contributed to the loss of good paying jobs, our current state senator has intensified the situation by crafting fiscally repressive tax and regulatory policies. 

 I have made it my primary goal to meet face-to-face with as many job creators as possible to gather feedback and ideas.  Last Saturday, I walked down Main Street in Union Grove and spoke to the village’s business owners about what they need to see happen in Madison to help them keep their doors open.  The feedback I got was what I expected: stop the tax hikes, stop the overregulation, and allow us to do what is in the best interest of our business so that we can retain our employees and prosper as a result of our hard work.

 Senator Lehman has been busy touting his C.O.R.E. Jobs bill over the last few weeks. The bill essentially spreads a few million dollars amongst the state’s business community in an attempt to make up for the $5 billion tax hike that the state legislature levied on it last year.  While I am glad to see Senator Lehman finally doing something…anything…related to jobs, Racine citizens know the bill is nothing more than a PR stunt to fool voters into thinking he is being proactive on economic issues.

 I urge Senator Lehman the use the last few months of the legislative session to work across the aisle and undo some of the damage that he and his colleagues on the budget-writing committee have done to Racine’s employment situation.”

Van Wanggaard is a lifelong Racine resident, and currently serves on the Racine County Board of Supervisors.


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