Westlake for U.S. Senate: Thoughts from the Road...

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The Week In Review: Thoughts from the Road...

“With all due respect, it’s not the ‘Kennedy seat,’ it’s not the Democrat seat…it’s the people’s seat.”

--Senator-Elect Scott Brown

We all know what needs to be done…

After spending nearly all week on the road traveling throughout Wisconsin (and continuing our journey through early next week), one theme keeps popping up in every group I listen to: we all know what needs to be done to fix things in this country, now we just need our elected officials to do it!  You’re telling me that we need to have our government create an atmosphere that’s friendly to entrepreneurs—not threatening to the American dream.  You’ve said that we need to concentrate more on being “common sense correct,” not politically correct.  You’ve told me that our government needs to focus on defending the American peoples’ liberties instead of defending those who hate us because of them.  

This is NOT an equal-opportunity recession

This road trip has also proven to me that the recession we’re in right now is hurting many of us much worse than it’s impacting others.  While some are feeling little more than a pinch in their pocketbooks, others are going bankrupt…or losing their homes…or having their credit destroyed—or all of the above.  What’s even more disheartening is that much of this recession can be traced back to the government overstepping it’s responsibilities and meddling in aspects of our lives that it doesn’t belong.  This can’t happen here—we have to stop this from ever happening again…there’s simply too much at stake.  

So, who’s going to fight for you?

With all this said—and with a clear path of what needs to be done—there’s really only one question you need to ask yourself as this campaign progresses: who’s going to fight for you?  Is it an “establishment” candidate whose focus is raising enough money to buy the election?  Is it the incumbent whose only noteworthy legislation after 18 years of service was just determined to be un-Constitutional by the Supreme Court?  Or is it the candidate who is traveling the state—going from living room to living room, coffee shop to coffee shop, one small gathering after another to hear directly from you what’s important in your lives?  

Access to your U.S. Senator shouldn’t be determined by the size of your contribution.  Nor should it be met with rolling eyes at a listening session or answered with a form letter that doesn’t address your question.  By virtue of being a citizen of Wisconsin—an American—you deserve better…the Constitution demands it.

Accountability Starts Today.


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