The Week In Review: The Third Pillar

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 1.15.2010 (Early Edition)

The Week In Review: The Third Pillar

"Just like in ‘real life,’ money is best spent by the people…not by government, or those seeking to be part of government."

I’ll bet you didn’t see this coming…

I'm proud to announce that as of this morning all formal fundraising events have been completely eliminated from our campaign.  The funding for all operations from here on out will come from selling our blaze orange t-shirts at events and through our online store.   We’ve tested and validated this system—so we know it works—but best of all, this will allow us to focus on what we really need to do: continue listening to the people of Wisconsin.  

When you see insanity, run the other way.  Fast.

While we were busy planning how to run a campaign without wasting money, both of our opponents, Senator Feingold and Terrence Wall, were setting the “spending bar” for this campaign in the neighborhood of $10 million.  Let me say that again—TEN MILLION DOLLARS…that's almost 60 times more than the annual salary of a U.S. Senator.  Wow…

 …do they really think that’s what the people of Wisconsin want?

What is the purpose of spending so much money on a political race?  Is this what the Founding Fathers envisioned?  In a time of deep recession and record unemployment, is this behavior ethical?  How does wasting $10M on billboards, TV advertisements, paid supporters, political consultants, and marketing corporations help the people of Wisconsin?  I refuseto play these games.  This type of irresponsibility goes against everything this campaign—and the Constitution—stands for.

1. Accountability, 2. People First, and 3. Money

I've been visiting people all across Wisconsin, listening and hearing your stories.  You demand accountability.  You want a voice.  You also want to stop ALL the wasteful spending in government.  On that note, it's pretty clear that the way a candidate is willing to spend your donation money on a campaign is a good indicator of how they'll spend your tax money in office.  Real conservatives—real leaders—find solutions other than just throwing money at the problem…and these economic times call for nothing less than this type of leadership.    

Join the blaze orange army and say “enough is enough!”  Better days most certainly await us…but only because we’re willing to break the outdated set of expectations that have corrupted politics.  This is America…our ingenuity, our creativity, and our passion for excellence have never failed us before…and, if we keep our priorities straight, they won’t fail us now either.

Accountability Starts Today.