News From “Friends of Dave Ross” Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

 Will Help Rebuild Wisconsin’s Economy

For more than 20 years I owned and operated a small upholstery business in Superior.  In 2003, I decided to run for Mayor of Superior because local government spending and taxation was out of control.   I could no longer ignore how government waste and inefficiencies were affecting citizens and businesses in my community.   Rather than sit back and complain about the direction of the City I decided to stand up and do something about it. 

I promised the citizens of Superior that government could be smaller, more efficient and cost effective. I am proud to say my Administration has delivered on those promises.  We have contained taxes, reduced our city’s debt, raised Superior’s credit rating, and invested in economic development to create jobs. The results have been outstanding – even during the worst economic downturn in a generation.  We now have a smaller and more efficient government. We have successfully privatized many non-essential services.  And we did it while holding the line on property taxes.

Superior has historically voted for Democrats at all levels of government (Obama received over 65% of the vote in 2008). I got elected with 58% of the vote as a fiscal conservative in my first run for Mayor in 2003 and I was re-elected in 2007 with 62% of the vote as a card carrying Republican.  The Democratic machine in Superior and Douglas County was in total disbelief.  What they didn’t understand was that our message of fiscal responsibility resonated with conservative Democrats and Independents because they recognize that government cannot spend beyond taxpayer’s ability to pay. 

Superior now has a pro-business attitude that has been instrumental in the creation of many new businesses in the past few years. Superior has the second fastest economic growth rate in Wisconsin.  Economic growth means jobs.  That is why Superior has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state of Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, during the Doyle Administration Wisconsin has raised taxes, increased spending, increased debt and created a hostile business climate which has cost Wisconsin jobs.  Wisconsin has lost more than 170,000 jobs in the past year because our tax and regulatory climate has stifled investment and job growth in our state. I am running for Lieutenant Governor as a Republican to bring a proven track record of fiscal responsibility and job creation to partner with our next Governor to make jobs and economic development the top priority for Wisconsin.  I will be a tireless promoter of policies that will put Wisconsin back to work.   As Lieutenant Governor, I will work to restore Wisconsin’s business image.  My job will be to take away the roadblocks to private investment, and assist our next Governor in creating a plan to rebuild Wisconsin’s economy for the next generation.  I want to bring the same results oriented focus I have demonstrated as Mayor of Superior to the state of Wisconsin.

I need your help.  It is critical for Republicans to nominate a winning ticket in 2010.  We need a gubernatorial and Lieutenant Governor Candidate that can appeal to Republicans, conservative Democrats and Independents to ensure victory in November.  For months we have been traveling the state spreading our fiscal conservative and pro-investment message.  Please join our effort by making your donation online at