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This past week has been amazing for the Mark Neumann for Governor campaign. Everyone is responding very well to Mark's ideas for the future of Wisconsin – from the people visting Mark on main street, to the comments posted to the Facebook page, as well as the coverage we have been getting in the media.

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Today, Mark Neumann issued a Press Release in which he called for protecting private healthcare choice. The press release highlights several of Mark’s positions for combating "ObamaCare."

  • Many other states are considering constitutional amendments that aim to preserve private healthcare choice. Mark supports a Senate Joint Resolution (LRB-3861/1), currently in draft form, that is likely to be introduced by state Sen. Joe Leibham of Sheboygan and would preserve choice and private healthcare options here in Wisconsin.
  • Additionally, Mark urged the state Justice Department to be prepared to join over a dozen Attorneys General in their fight against a potentially unconstitutional provision in the bill.

Please join Mark by signing this petition. In regular intervals, this petition will be sent to the leadership of both parties in Madison and Washington, DC.  


The 'Mark on Main Street' tour is successfully reaching out to local business owners and citizens across Wisconsin.

  • Racine Journal Times article discusses Mark’s visit to West Racine Shoe Service. The owner, David Franks, spoke with Mark about electing a candidate who will bring better solutions to the business climate in our state.
  • There is an article in the Kenosha Daily News highlighting Mark’s trip to Platinum Systems. During the visit, Mark discussed how to bring technology companies over from Illinois with owner Matthew Carlson.
  • While in Janesville yesterday, Mark spent a full hour on WCLO's Stan Milam Show.


The Strong Wisconsin Reform policy package that was announced on January 4 has stirred up a lot of support and some healthy debate.

  • On Sunday, Mark was asked to discuss his reform package on WISN's Upfront with Mike Gousha.
  • There was a great deal of debate over the terms limit proposal. The Baraboo News Republic has an article in which it explains how term limits are necessary for putting an end to the negative incentives surrounding career politicians.
  • An article on WisPolitics discusses how the reform package reflects 'TEA Party' anger. Steve Jagler has an article in the BizTimes highlighting the responses Mark has received from 'TEA Party' folks who are angry with our state’s current economic path.


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