The Week in Review: Accountability and "The 60th Vote"

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The Week In Review: Accountability and "The 60th Vote"

"Aye."  -58 Democrat and 2 Independent Senators, when voting for their Un-Constitutional Health Care Reform Bill 

Public Servants vs. Politicians—We’ve got “Skin” in this Game

Take away backroom, locked-door deals.  Take away buying votes and trading favors.  Take away party intimidation to do the “right” thing.  When you strip these things away and get right down to it, the role of public servants is simple—it is (as the name implies) to serve the public.  When these public servants become politicians, however, we all get in trouble.

Government Service is Simple

Look at the U.S. Senate, for example.  The Constitutionally mandated responsibility of each Senator is to represent the will of those who elected him.  In the grand scheme of things, very little weight should be given to the individual Senator’s ideas--because it’s the PEOPLES’ ideas that matter.  Representing anything other than those who entrusted you to carry out their will is not only wrong, it’s unethical, unconscionable, and un-Constitutional.  

It’s that simple. 

The 60th Vote

Regarding their health care bill, Senate Democrats and Independents had 60 opportunities to say “hold on” or “wait a minute” or even “I have concerns about what this bill does to Americans.” Sixty opportunities to stand up for Constitutional integrity…but they didn’t.  This leaves us with one of two things: either a Senate with a serious Constitutional identity crisis or one whose collective majority party ego has grown to the point where they no longer care about their duty to the people.  Either way, it’s a big problem and now we’ve got to undo what was done to us by these public servants gone awry.

We can recover, though…in fact, we must.  The strength of our nation is its people, and it always has been.  Americans, when faced with adversity, have solved problems of all types, sizes, and scales.  This is no different.  The problem we face now is the muting of the public voice and it will only be overcome by raising our individual voices even higher.  Demand accountability.  Demand responsibility.  Demand representation.  

That’s how we do it in America.  And in America, it’s the peoples’ voice that gets it done.

Accountability Starts Today.


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