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Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor How Much of My Money Do They Want?

Have you ever asked that question of your local politician?  How much of your money in taxes and fees does the government really want?

I answered that question at the Madison Tea Party, where I had the privilege of speaking to a crowd of well over 8,000 people.  "They want all of it,” I said.  Governor Doyle, in all four of his budgets has treated tax payers like they were ATMs, doubling the state's debt, while raising taxes and fees by billions of dollars. Politicians from Washington and Madison have run all over the state handing out gifts to local communities, as if they had just won the lottery, buying these gifts with your credit card and hard-earned dollars.

I am a candidate for Lieutenant Governor because I believe the voters will be looking for proven, dependable leadership.

I believe a candidate for the office of Lieutenant Governor must have a proven conservative record.  It is easy to talk about our conservative Republican values, but using them to govern is a different story.

As Mayor of Superior, I have taken the less traveled road.  We have reduced the size of our government, held the line on taxes and decreased the amount of municipal debt. In reducing our debt, we have raised our credit rating.  YES, in Superior, we have actually shrunk the size of government while improving services and privatizing non-essential services!  In the last three years, I have completed over 100 million dollars in private sector investment in our community.  In fact, on August 14th, the State Department of Revenuereleased its latest changes in equalized value in selected cities.  Superior has the second highest economic growth in the State of Wisconsin.  All of this has added up to more jobs for our community!

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