The Week in Review: Losing Liberty, One Drop at a Time

12.18.2009 The Week In Review: Losing Liberty, One Drop at a Time

"You're going to raise my taxes, aren't you?"

-Joe the Plumber

The Terrifying Dangers of Being Lost in the Shuffle…

When the rest of the country is talking about the economy, stimulus spending, health care, war, saving the planet, or how the heck they’re going to pay the bills this month because they just lost their job, what’s the natural thing that any self-respecting ultra-liberal career politician does?  Simple—you try to squeeze another liberty-restricting law into place when no one else will see it coming.  The priorities in Washington are amazing, eh?

This week, with just about everyone else focusing on critical issues that deal with life in America right now, Senator Feingold tried to push through his “Clean Water Act Expansion,” (note to those who follow this link: yes, it actually is the Huffington Post…) which is legislation that would dramatically increase the scope of—and government’s role in enforcing—theClean Water Act of 1972.

Senator Feingold, how does this put one more person back to work?  How does making it more expensive for companies to do business here get us out of a recession faster?  We’re sick of your deception schemes and total disregard for what’s important in this state.

Remember The Good Old Days of Only Fearing Higher Taxes from Washington?

“Why worry about the Clean Water Act Expansion?” you ask.  Well, because it would give the federal government jurisdiction over all surface water—not just navigable waterways.  “What’s the big deal with that?”  Simple…if the government assumes control (and hence the ability to issue fines and manage compliance measures) of every body of water—even temporary or seasonal ones—everyone is impacted: Farmers will have to keep livestock from polluting puddles; loggers will have to keep sawdust out of intermittent streams; golf courses will have to ensure that fertilizer doesn’t get into a seasonal water hazard.  The list of those effected     goes on and on and on.  All of a sudden, it’s much more difficult for our two main industries—dairy and paper—to survive…and it becomes much more expensive to relax and enjoy the recreation opportunities in Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, this water problem requires more than just a good plumber to fix—but wasn’t it nice back in the days when a simple question from a good plumber made us think the only thing we had to fear from Washington was higher taxes?  While the parallel is not exact, Sen. Feingold clearly understands the ageless first tactic of siege warfare (and no, I am not accusing him of laying siege to the United States…): control a population’s water and you control the population.  So, again, why worry about this?  Because it’s just another step toward taking our liberties—quite literally—one drop at a time.

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