Ben Collins For Lt. Governor

Dear Friends,

Many of you know my passion for this great country and my commitment to service. After 9 years of service in the military and now, as a business owner in the private sector, I have decided to continue that commitment to my country.

I have made the decision to run for Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin.

Reaching this decision was not easy, but my growing concern about the direction of our state and the lack of judgment, values and leadership being shown by our elected officials led me to take this step. I have taken stock in this democracy and realized I cannot sit back and watch those in government destroy what our Founding Fathers have built and what our soldiers have died for.

What our state government needs right now is leadership. If my time in the military has taught me anything, it has shown me what leadership is all about: Having a bold vision and the ability to achieve results.

That is why I am running for Lieutenant Governor.

I hope you will join my team!

As this campaign moves forward, please feel free to contact me with any advice, tips or messages you want to share.


PS: I am running for Lt Gov to provide the leadership that is so desperately needed in this state. Please consider sending in your donation today.

Paid for by Friends of Ben Collins, Dan Necci, Treasurer