Grassroots E-Gazette - October 1, 2009 - Wisconsin Congressional Democrats Just Cannot Get it Right


October 1, 2009

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Obey, Kind, Kagen Would Welcome Terror Suspects

Today Wisconsin’s Congressional Democrats voted against a successful GOP measure to keep GuantanamoBay detainees out of theUnited States!

Congressional Seats in WI Targeted in 2010 Election

The NRCC has recognized three Congressional Districts in Wisconsin currently held by Democrats that will be targets as we take back the majority in 2010. The seats are currently held by Congressmen Steve Kagen, Ron Kind, and David Obey.

Support for Obamacare Hits New Low

New poll numbers show declining support for Obama’s health care plan. Only 41% of voters nationwide favor health care reform proposed by Obama and congressional Democrats.

Watch the video “Dictionary” to see why

Obey Signs His Own Paycheck, Ignores Real Priorities

Congressman David Obey , chairman of House Appropriations Committee, took another shot at his own credibility this week when he essentially signed his own paycheck while ignoring more pressing legislative issues. No wonder he’ll be vulnerable in 2010!

Sensenbrenner’s Reaction to Louis Butler as U.S. District Judge

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner has first-hand experience working in a bipartisan fashion on judicial appointments, but the Democrats never asked him for input on their latest disappointing nominee.

Auto Insurance Rates UP Thanks to State Budget

Democrats included hidden insurance provisions in the State Budget that could potentially raise insurance premiums by 30%. It only gets worse for motorcyclists who could see rates jump 550%!

Democrats’ iPod Tax Begins Today

Starting today iTunes downloads, ring tones, and e-greetings will cost more thanks to a brand new digital downloads tax courtesy of Democrats in the State Legislature.

Buying Their Silence

President Obama is raising money for Democratic governors to quell their opposition to his state health care tax. The fundraiser for theDemocratic Governors Association will be held tonight and is expected to rake in at least $500,000.

8 Things Obama Never Mentions About “Health Insurance Reform

As part of his attempt to mislead the public about what health insurance reform will do for them, Obama fails to discuss eight important points. The Senate Democrats’ bill taxes innovative medical devices, includes a $550 billion income tax on small businesses, and more.

Feingold’s Fundraising Fabrication

Senator Russ Feingold sent a fundraising e-mail that claims he’s been outspent in every Senate race he’s ever run. Considering Feingold spent $4 million more than his opponent in 2004, his claim is laughable.

Better Late than Never? Dept. Head takes Responsibility

Wisconsin Department of Children and Families Secretary Reggie Bicha finally took responsibility for oversight of the troubled Wisconsin Shares program; however, taxpayers and Republican members of the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee are still looking for answers.

A Tale of Two Budgets is Brewing in Milwaukee

While Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker proposed his eighth consecutive budget with a property tax freeze, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett proposed raising the tax rate by nearly 10%. And, unlike Walker’s proposal, Mayor Barrett’s budget cuts vital funds to public safety.

Assembly GOP Reps. Ask Committee For Movement on Job-Promoting Bills

Four Assembly GOP Reps sent a letter to request the job-promoting bills they authored be given a fair shake at the Assembly Jobs and Economy Committee’s public hearing this month. Republicans are hopeful the Democrat-controlled Committee will give good legislation a fair chance rather than playing politics.

Rep. Rich Zipperer, ranking member of the committee, appeared on UPFRONT with Mike Gousha over the weekend to talk jobs.

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