My 2010 County Budget Address


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My 2010 County Budget Address

Nearly eight years ago the residents of Milwaukee County said “enough is enough” and together we took back a county government plagued with scandal, massive spending, and abuse of the public trust. Together we created economic opportunities, reformed county government, and established a higher quality of life in Milwaukee County through lower taxes and limited government. Every year since I’ve been proud to present a county budget with no increase in the property tax levy from the previous year.

This year is no different. Yesterday I presented my eighth county budget. In addition to keeping taxes low, my budget maintains critical services and makes Milwaukee County a better place to live, do business, and raise a family.

You can see the video of my speech here:

snapshot 2009-09-25 12-11-14.jpg

There are those who said we must either significantly raise taxes to fund our priorities or impose massive cuts in government services. But our choices aren’t limited to raising taxes or cutting services. Greater innovation will allow us to maintain essential government services without sacrificing community assets that enhance our quality of life. With this budget:

* We preserve the safety net programs for the homeless and disabled. * We propose no cuts to public safety. * We propose to make our already award-winning Milwaukee County Parks even better. * We create Milwaukee County Works! - an Economic Development Plan to retain and create jobs. * We upgrade the transit system and add new bus rapid transit routes. * And we accelerate highway improvement projects/infrastructure to put people to work.

We delivered a budget that taxpayers can afford... but, now the really hard work begins. And for that I'll need your help.

Before I even presented the budget to the County Board, the usual suspects were already howling about how it would be the end of the world as we know it. Because it threatens the power base of the Board and asks for wage and benefit concessions from county employees, the opposition to it will be fierce.

Help take back our state government by joining me in discussing the budget on Facebook, Twitter, and My Scott Spot. You can also help by writing letters to the editor.

There has never been a more important time to commit to the principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility. With your help, we can get our economy back on track and our families working again.


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