The Week in Review: Help Wanted, Apply Within

9.18.2009 The Week In Review: Help Wanted, Apply Within

“Duty, Honor, Country.” -Motto of West Point

Fool the American People Once, Shame on You. Just Try to Fool Them Twice…

The events of this week—if nothing else—have at least illuminated a previously dark recess of Washington D.C.: the loss of focus on leadership from our elected officials. Perhaps coincidental…or divinely juxtaposed…but the timing of a few remarkable collapses of leadership coming in the wake of the eighth anniversary of 9/11 sets up a stark contrast between what America needs…and what we’ve got.

Whether it’s the corrupt antics of ACORN, the President’s cadre of czars, the ongoing—and still unresolved—debate over healthcare reform, or the scrapping of a missile defense shield that leaves some of our strongest allies exposed to their sworn enemies, this week has made it difficult to not be cynical toward Washington’s priorities.

Back to Basics: Clarity, Honesty, Leadership

It would be easy to just complain about the issues our career politicians haven’t led on. Instead, here is a solution to help Washington going forward: get back to basics. Remember who elected you and why they did. Support the peoples’ agenda—not yours. Serve with clarity, honesty, and leadership…and this is how the week would have looked:

Clarity: reveal who is really behind ACORN and why any taxpayer money goes to that organization at all; clearly articulate the need for—and the responsibilities of—the President’s czars; disclose all parties who are currently crafting the healthcare proposals and why they have a role in this debate; and tell the world exactly why it’s appropriate to leave Israel exposed now that Iran apparently has the ability to launch nuclear weapons.

Honesty: describe in detail the tangible benefits ACORN has provided America (trafficking underage girls for prostitution does NOT count); disclose the job applications, resumes, and relationship between the White House and the individual czars and explain why they’re needed in addition to Cabinet Secretaries; list all the potential and real benefactors as well as the potential and real concession makers of each proposed healthcare bill; and explain how pulling a missile defense shield out of Europe is good for our allies—and us.

Leadership: Stop paying ACORN for doing illegal and immoral things; force White House advisors to be confirmed and their roles disclosed; stop writing 1,100 page bills that limit American freedoms; and stand up for those who stand with us in defending individual liberty. After all, real leaders ensure issues like this don’t happen in the first place.

So there are the basics, Washington. Take them or leave them, but they are your Duty, they define your Honor, and are 100% about your Country. It’s time that you get back to them.

It’s time to fight…it’s time to lead…it’s time to win. Dave

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