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Deadline to Renew or Sign Up For No Call List Approaching

If you're sick of receiving annoying telemarketing calls on your home phone or cell phone when you and your family sit down to enjoy dinner, the state of Wisconsin offers a free service known as the No Call list. By registering your number on this list, telemarketers will be prohibited from calling you. In order to take advantage of the free service, you must sign up by August 31. To do so, simply call 1-866-9NO-CALL (1-866-966-2255) and sign up your cell phone and/or landline number. You can also sign up online at If you are current subscriber to the No Call list, please also remember that you must re-register every two years or you will be removed from the list. I have received inquiries from constituents wondering why they have sign up every two years when their subscription to the federal No Call list lasts forever. The reason is largely fiscal. Because there is almost 25% turnover in phone numbers every two years, the federal government undertakes a very expensive process known as "scrubbing" their list to most accurately reflect who is at what number. If, after two years, the person who signed up for the list is no longer attributed to that number, they are removed. At the state level, we don't allocate money to allow the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection to "scrub" the list, so they must require that everyone re-register. It's much cheaper for the taxpayers and allows the list to stay up and running. If the updating weren't done, the state would be in danger of a court challenge for unduly and improperly interfering with the business of telemarketing. If you find that you are receiving telemarketing calls even though you are on the list, you can file a complaint with the Bureau of Consumer Protection at; via email at; or by phone at 1-800-422-7128. While there are some bad actors who do manage to slip through the system and violate the law, the No Call list has gone a long way toward making our dinner times much more enjoyable.

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