Special Alert: Budget Heads to Governor Doyle's Desk - 6.26.09

SPECIAL ALERT: BUDGET HEADS TO GOV. DOYLE After months of negotiation, the Democrats finally emerged from their secret meetings this week to present a final budget. It just passed the Assembly on a vote of 51-46 and will now head to Governor Doyle for his vetoes and signature.

As you know, I have spent the last six months fighting against the damaging tax increases in this budget. While we can claim a few wins, including the removal of the gas tax increase, removal of non-fiscal policy that would have rewarded trial lawyers by making it easier to sue, and also the removal of a driver card for illegal aliens, this budget is still a huge tax increase on middle-class families.

If you own a home, a cell phone, a car, have a kid in college, have a retirement account, have a child in daycare, pay for a health care premium, smoke cigarettes, download ringtones, music or books, or have a loved one in a nursing home, you will pay more.

All I can say to taxpayers tonight is that I am sorry. I am terribly disappointed in the outcome. I wish that Democrats would have done the right thing by cutting government instead of raising taxes by $4 billion and increasing spending by almost 7%.

Instead they have relied on wishful thinking to convince themselves that this is the best they could do for the citizens of Wisconsin. They are wishing we had a better economy, but have done nothing to make that so. They are wishing that this budget was balanced, but they know we will have another budget deficit in two years. Finally, they are wishing that Wisconsinites will forget this budget when they go to the ballot box next November. I'm certain that this budget is so reckless it will be impossible for any of us to forget what has happened here tonight.

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