Racine County Republican Party


Our party began as a group of people who believed that men had no right to oppress their fellow man thus in 1856 the national Republican Party was formed. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected the sixteenth President of the United States and moved the Republican Party to the national Stage.

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The Party Platform is a document that describes the principles and positions of the party.  The Republican platform is updated at our conventions, both at the State and National level. 

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There are three main Republican organizations, they are the National Party (RNC), the State Party (WISGOP) and the County Party (Racine County GOP).

The only organization you can be a true Member of is the County Party.  It is at the County Party level that you gain access to the State and National Conventions.

Chairman's Message

Elections have consequences.” – Governor Scott Walker

Dear Fellow Conservative,

No truer words have ever been spoken...Elections do have consequences and while at the National level we lost in November, our state is still strong and growing more conservative.

Racine has been called a bellwether for the state and the country and we have once again proved this to be true.  Racine county went solidly for Governor Walker and he won his recall challenge.  Unfortunately we also sided with Obama in November and he won too.  

So what happened?  How can a county that is, at it’s core, extremely conservative, vote for Walker in June and Obama in November? The answer is simpler than we’d like to admit...our grassroots were not there for the national campaign.

We need you to help!  Become a member of the Racine County Republican Party today so that we at the local level can continue to do what conservatives do best, fight for our conservative values here at home.

This last year was filled with ups and downs here in the county level, we helped Governor Walker win but lost a great state senator to a recall. We gained another Republican Assemblyman (thanks to redistricting) but did not gain a Republican US Senator.

We can win more by growing our county party...contacts we make with like minded conservatives help to shape the party the way we want it rather than the way others would like it to be.  Get involved and help us become the conservative party that will consistently win election after election.

This year is a year to rebuild and grow stronger.  Make the necessary connections and changes to our system to ensure that we hold on to the Governor’s seat and the legislature in 2014. So become a member today and add your name to the fight. Help us become the true party of the people.

Get involved today, so we can continue to build upon our efforts to restore a better America, Wisconsin, and Racine County.  


Bill Folk

Chairman, Racine County Republican Party